Stockadon Barn, Cornwall

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Stockadon Barn, Cornwall
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Stockadon Barn, Cornwall

Located in Cornwall in a peaceful countryside setting, this project involves the refurbishment and extension of an historic farmhouse, to create a charming 3 bedroom family home of modern living amongst the exceptional old fabric.

The kitchen is designed to be the focal point of the house where the addition of a new fully glazed sun room provides a light and spacious area in which the family can gather and relax, allowing them to spill out into the garden in warm weather. A new extension also creates space additional living space both upstairs and down and has been designed to ensure the original fabric still retains its concept of local distinctiveness.

Internally a new central timber staircase connects the kitchen to the first floor landing, where the existing fully pegged oak rafters and principle truss will be exposed, making a stunning double height space. Energy efficient heating systems are to be incorporated along with rainwater recovery therefore allowing the house to be as economical to run as possible. Considered and careful use of modern construction techniques sit comfortably alongside the historic fabric to help achieve this. Our aim throughout this project is to maintain the character of the property, whilst addressing the needs and requirements of the family and their lifestyle.

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Stockadon Barn, Cornwall
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