The Journey House

The Journey House
The Journey House
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Architects Site Plan
Artists Impression - Interior

The Journey House is a concept home borne out of the need to deliver affordable housing units that do not compromise on design or specification and are equally suited to an urban or rural environment.

At the core of the Journey House project is the modular format that allows design variation with minimal changes to the base construction. This reduces costs at the outset for developers seeking to meet accommodation needs for a wide range of demographic groups.

The design could equally suit young professionals, office users or as an affordable workspace option.

By minimising the width of the units and creating units in a linear form, the design allows maximum internal variation through positioning of internal walls dividing the space into 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedroom modules as well as live/work units. Even following construction, the incorporation of 'soft' wall sections in a terrace format allows 2 or more units to be joined together thus creating a life house reflecting the changing needs of a family unit.

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The Journey House
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