New Visitor Centre, Kensington Palace

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New Visitor Centre, Kensington Palace
Architect's Court Sketch
Kensington Palace Exterior Photo
Kensington Palace Grounds
Kensington Palace Court Night View
Architect's Ground Floor Plan of Kensington Palace Visitor Centre
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We were commissioned by Historic Royal Palaces to contribute to ideas for developing the visitor experience at Kensington Palace.  The architectural brief was to provide a new and welcoming entrance to the Palace from Kensington Gardens.

Our proposals exploit the change in levels on the Kensington Gardens side of the Palace to provide a new reception building, partly sunk below ground, the roof of which would provide a curved ramp to connect existing ground levels whilst embracing a new public entry court.

The scheme provides ticketing, shop, restaurant and lavatory facilities leading to an orientation space within the existing building where new routes offer a choice of visitor experiences.

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New Visitor Centre, Kensington Palace
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